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Flat and Satchel Paper Bag Making Machine( without 4 Colour Flexo Printing Unit )
  GP-18/50 GP-28/62  
  Paper Gramage    25-100 gr/m2   25-100 gr/m2     25-100 gr/m2     25-100 gr/m2  
  Max. Unwinder Roll Width    600 mm    800 mm     1000 mm     1050 mm  
  Max. Roll Diameter    1200 mm   1200 mm     1200 mm     1200 mm  
  Cut-off (Perforating)Length    120-500 mm   160-620 mm     160-620 mm     160-760 mm  
  Bag Length    110-490 mm   150-610 mm     150-610 mm     150-750 mm  
  Bag Width    40-180 mm   60-280 mm     70-350 mm     80-380 mm  
  Height of Bottom Fold    10-20 mm   10-20 mm     10-20 mm     10-20 mm  
  Max. Gusset Depth    50 mm     50 mm     50 mm     60 mm  
  Max. Capacity    700 bags/min.   700 bags/min.     700 bags/min.   700 bags/min.

Unwinder Group:
» Air Shaft and Safety Chucks,
» Hydraulic Roll Lifting,
» Magnetic Brake and Ballerina(Dancer) Tension Control
» Manual Roll Movement to the right and to the left,
» Windowed Plastic Film Attachment System and Glue Pasting Unit,

Perforate Group:
» Perforating shaft is rotated by Servo Motor System. It is possible tp make adjustments on the touch screen.

Folding and Gussetting Groups:
» Glue Pasting Unit for side of the paper,
» Single Layer paper is bended via dies,
» It is possible to make two side gussets with Gusset Making Unit,

Main Machine:
» It is possible to change the length of the bag easily by Servo Motor Systems via Touch Screen.
» It is possible to see and change many parameters via Touch Screen and Industrial PC which is controlling the machine,
» Automatic Tear off system with Servo Motor System,
» AC Motor Drived Rotating Bottom Bending and Glue Pasting System,
» The Stacking and bottom bending is made by Rotating Drum,(Optionally It is possible to put independent servo motor system for Drum),
» It is possible to seperate each 50, 60 bags etc. on stacking table,